Blogging SEO For Better Search Engine Ranking

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When it comes to blogging, one of the most critical factors is whether you are an expert or just a hobbyist. In other words, do you have the skills and knowledge to produce high quality content that people will enjoy reading?

Blogging can be very easy, but most new bloggers are amazed to find out that the search engines don’t take kindly to blogs that lack the proper content. This is particularly true for more obscure keywords. This is because the search engines love to rank sites by their relevancy, and “clutter” the search results with hundreds of mediocre blogs will rank poorly.

The SEO industry understands the value of content and they have created blogs that are optimized to be searched on content and not keywords. These types of blogs are referred to as anchor texts.

What is the Purpose of a Blog?

To put it simply, these blogs are a blog created for the sole purpose of ranking well on Google, Yahoo, and Bing – which is exactly what Google and others hope to avoid; that is, a spammer’s paradise. Because the blogging community loves to use quality keywords, many marketers have constructed blogs that are designed for SEO success, with keyword based anchor text.

Yes, you can optimize your blog for keywords and still maintain a great SEO rating. But, you must also know when to use keywords. And where to find relevant keywords to write about.

There are two main reasons to use keyword anchor text in your blog.

The first reason is for relevancy: blog posts with keyword anchors in the body of the text are higher ranked than those without.

The second reason is for competitive purposes: blog post with keyword anchor text in the title are usually searched more often than blog posts without. This makes sense because if you were a person who wanted to buy a car, would you search for aspecific car model using only the keywords “Ford Mustang?” Of course, people do search using other keywords in this situation, but a popular keyword gives your blog a better chance of appearing higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

With both SEO and blog blogger, it is important to add some keywords in your writing and to remember that only some keywords will be successful in the search. So, you must be careful in how you plan your titles and make sure your title includes a keyword phrase.

You will also want to include some SEO tags in your blog posts.

You do not want to appear as if you are spamming the blog networks; you want to appear natural, making the readers feel like they are helping you write the blog. These tags include meta tags, title tags, and your site map.

If you are running a blog for yourself, you may want to create a social media campaign to promote your blog to the world. This will help to improve your online reputation. But, remember to be professional and never use keywords as a way to promote your blog.

As with anything in life, don’t try to fit keywords into your blog that you wouldn’t write. This will leave your blog looking amateurish and confusing to the search engines. The best blogs tend to have a natural flow, and the right tone.

Lastly, if you are beginning blogging, consider blogging a hobby that you will gradually build upon a strong foundation of excellent content. That is the first step to building a blog that will rank well in the search engines.

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